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AryuPay provides the seamless and fast online transaction using the blockchain, It uses the decentralised peer to peer network for the transfer between the merchant and the client. It also provide a complete online payment solution to the customers, merchants, freelancers etc.

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Fully Secured Data

It uses the blockchain for creating a peer to peer connection of sender and receiver which makes the transaction seamless and fast.


User Friendly

AryuPay’s aim is to modernize the way individuals, small businesses and merchants transact, make payments, borrow money and correlated products like insurances, cards and other general banking products.


Complete Solution

AryuPay provides the complete solution for online transaction in different currencies.

Token Structure

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

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Bonus(10%-15%) Bonus(2%-5%) PreSale ICO End
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10% to 30% in Presale
Total Token Sale
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Token Distribution


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Technical Papers

Technical Papers are the technical description of the Product, it educate audience about the particular issue.

These consist of the Whitepaper: Detailed decsription of the concept and product.
TokenPager: Detailed description of the token sale
and Onepager: Abstract of Whitepaper and Tokenpager.



Steps to buy Tokens.

These are the steps that you need to buy a ARYUPAY Token.

  • Register With us

    This is a first step you need to buy AryuPay token you have to register with us.

  • Click on Buy Token Link

    When you login in to your Dashboard you'll going to see a link called Buy token on your left.

  • Token Bought

    Wow! you haved just reached to your final step now you just need a wallet where you have etheres then by clicking on it you will get your token.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum supply: 250,000,000,000APX
Token available in Pre-ICO: 75,000,000,000APX
Token available in ICO: 125,000,000,000APX
Pre:ICO : 90 days
ICO : 90 days
Anyone can participate to crowdsale, but if it is possible in a given jurisdiction to participate in tokensale. Please check regulatory restrictions in your country or state and read the terms.
Yes, We offer Bonus during the Presale.

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